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bob mcdonnell on hand along with former redskins quarterback joe theisman who loves the team going on the road. >> i think you can be around the same locker 12 months a year and i want gets steale, it gets old. when we came back to carlisle there was a freshness. i just think getting away and i said this i can't emphasize it enough it's what a team does way from the meeting rooms and away from the practice fields that builds the foundation that teamwork that reliance and fellowship that you get from being in this kind of an environment. >> redskins training camp from july 25th to august 26th. over on the hardwood the wizards started mini camp at the verizon center and signed porter and glen rice jr. their summer league game takes place this saturday. >> glen rice seems like he was playing last year. i know it's his son but man. >> thank you. we'll be right back. >>> quick check? clouds and some showers helped us today. i can't see us being as lucky tomorrow. we're expecting more showers and storms to move through. there's a 30% chance. again that heat, 90 for a high temperature tom
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1